Tian Yuan Pharmaceutical Co., Limited. is a manufacturer specializing in targeted anticancer drug research and is devoted to researching, manufacturing and marketing medical raw materials. The company’s main products are crizotinib, afatinib, Capmatinib, Aloitinib, Sorafenib, Ibrutinib, ¬†Lenvatinib¬† and many other kinds of TINI API.and intermediates

Tianyuan pharmaceutical company in Zhangjiang Eastern has built 500 square meters of pilot laboratories, equipped with two sets of 50L glass reactor, four sets of 100L double reactor, six sets of 50L rotary evaporator and matching heating and cooling equipment, to complete the 10kg Pilot complex experiments in complex compounds in Jiaozhou, Qingdao, a steady cooperation of the amplification plant, from 100kg to the tonnage of the enlarged production.

Tianyuan medicine has been highly recognized by many well-known enterprises in the industry and has become their main supplier with high-quality products, honest and pragmatic attitude and good customer service. Tianyuan Medicine is dedicated to provide customers both at home and abroad with advanced technology and reasonable price , Quality products and professional technical services.